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Flex Licensing

Flex is a Commtest licensing system that enables you to add extra features to your vb5 / vb6 / vb7 / vb8 instrument, customizing it to suit your requirements. For example, you might use your vb5 instrument mainly for route-based data collection but have an occasional need to perform balancing jobs. Flex licensing enables you to purchase and unlock the balancing feature for your vb5 data collector, whereas normally this functionality would only be available on a vb7 or vb8 vibration analyser.

Available Flex Features

Click here to access the Flex brochure which includes a table outlining the available Flex packages.

How do I get a Flex feature?

If your instrument supports a Flex feature:

  • You will need to contact your local distributor to order the feature(s) you require. Ensure you have your instrument serial number, along with the 20-character code stored under 0 - Options > 4 - Memory & System.
  • Commtest Support will email you a small encrypted file containing the unlock information for the functionality you have purchased.
  • You can then open Ascent and apply the unlock code to enable the Flex pack - See the Ascent Reference Guide for details.


Flex unlock files are instrument-specific and cannot be applied to more than one instrument.

Flex is only available with instruments running 2013 firmware.

Some older instruments are not currently set up to support Flex features. To check whether your instrument is currently Flex-capable, press Options > Memory & System. 

Flex Licensing

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