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Ascent 2015 Software

Ascent is award-winning Vibration Analysis software. It is available in three levels, each providing greater benefits and more advanced capabilities. Using Ascent in conjunction with a portable vbSeries, permanently-mounted vbOnline instrument or a wireless Ranger system, your company can effectively monitor the condition of your plant equipment with unprecedented accuracy. This monitoring ensures peak performance and increased quality, output, and compliance, while reducing cost, time, and risk. Ascent complements the vbSeries family of vibration analysis instruments. It provides all the functionality you need to store and analyse the vibration data you collect with a Commtest instrument.
Ascent Software      Ascent communicates with Commtest instruments through serial, Ethernet, or USB ports. You can use Ascent to create machine lists and measurement setups and send these to your instrument. Once data has been collected, you can use Ascent to view spectra, waveforms, and trends; create envelope and band alarms; and generate reports (e.g. a detailed exception report) to summarize the information in your database. Although highly developed with an impressive list of advanced features, the simplicity of Ascent makes it an invaluable tool, ideal for those implementing a Vibration Analysis program for the first time.

Key Features

  • Easily review and analyse data recorded with vbSeries instruments or vbOnline monitoring hardware
  • Access a simple, customisable graphic display of your data
  • Enjoy a scalable design - Whether you install Ascent on the smallest laptop or largest server
  • Use the simple database import and export functions to easily share data between multiple users and databases - No specialist knowledge or tools required                
  • Baseline record and display - Make instant comparisons against known good quality data                
  • Easily convert waveforms to spectra
  • Export key charts and reports to Microsoft Word
  • Process parameter trending
  • Easily back up and restore your database
  • Use the flexible, interactive charting to:
    • Zoom and pan for close-up detail
    • Rescale and overlay charts to compare peaks and identify machine component problems
  • Customize the interface, charts, and reports to display information in a manner that is meaningful to you
  • Access the Commtest Bearing Database with over 30 000 bearings
  • Create a frequently re-used component only once and store it in the Ascent component storage library
  • Create machine and alarm templates quickly and easily
  • Keep only the most useful data accessible on a daily basis with selectable database optimization
  • Enjoy multiple language support - Ideal for international companies

Download the latest version of Ascent here

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