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Emonitor Odyssey / Enshare Software

Emonitor OdysseyEmonitor OdysseyTM is the next generation of Entek's complete Machinery Information Systems. This system features integration of the widest range of condition monitoring technologies and full 32-bit Microsoft® Windows® software architecture. Emonitor Odyssey bridges the gap between portable monitoring systems and on-line Condition Monitoring. Integration of machinery monitoring technologies provides you with a complete picture of the health of your plant machinery. Vibration data from portable instruments, on-line intermittent monitoring devices (surveillance) and continuous protection monitors (API 670) are all integrated in a common database. Oil analysis data, motor current analysis, infrared thermographic images and process data can also be integrated into this same database. Results from other applications can be displayed using the unique Active-X display pane. The 32-bit software architecture ensures growth and advancement of your reliability program through support of Microsoft's latest operating system advances. Features like better memory management, multitasking, and multithreading optimize performance and keep you ready for the future. Emonitor Odyssey is available in a range of configurations from single user to full multi-user installations. It may be used with portable data collectors or permanently installed surveillance or continuous monitoring systems.

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