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Ultrasonic Air Leak Detection Service

The advantage of Ultrasonic leak detection technology is simple to understand. Ultrasound is a high frequency, short wave signal. When compared with the sounds we humans can hear, the size of the sound waves are extremely small. This property provides advantages: it is very directional, can be used in noisy environments and are easy to use.
Leaks cost money; affect product quality and can wreak havoc with the environment. Ultrasonic leak detection can often locate the problem, whether the leakage occurred in a liquid or a gas system.
The reason ultrasound is so versatile is that it detects the sound of a leak. When a fluid (liquid or gas) leaks, it moves from the high pressure side through the leak site to the low pressure side, where it expands rapidly and produces a turbulent flow. This turbulence has strong ultrasonic components. The intensity of the ultrasonic signal falls off rapidly from the source, allowing the exact spot of a leak to be located.
Vacuum leaks may be located in the same manner; the only difference being that the turbulence will occur within the vacuum chamber. For this reason, the intensity of the sound will be less than that of a pressurized leak. Though it is most effective with low-mid to gross leaks, the ease of ultrasonic leak detection makes it useful for most vacuum leak problems.

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