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Trummeter - Belt Tension Meter

A Precision instrument for measuring belt tension


Precision instrument for measuring belt tension
A belt drive achieves its maximum lifetime when it is configured specifically to the application, the belt is perfectly tensioned and the pulleys are precisely aligned.
The TRUMMETER is an electronic measuring instrument that consists of a measuring probe and a microprocessor and is used for measuring the belt tension and checking the strand force of a belt drive.
The measurement result is displayed either in hertz, newtons or poundforce.
This measured value can be compared with the nominal value – specified by the belt drive manufacturer ( as a natural frequency in Hz or a strand force in N ). It is dependent on the characteristics of the drive. Alternative: it can be calculated with this formula :

trummer equation

Product advantages

  • Exact measurement of the belt tensioning force
  • Exact calculation of the strand force
  • Required for recording in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001ff
  • Operator prompts and measured value displays in 10 languages
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Compact and handy to use

Scope of delivery 

The TRUMMETER is supplied in a strong plastic case. Included in the scope of delivery are 2 measuring probes and a 9-V battery.
Measuring the belt tension [Hz]
The belt frequency can be measured only when the drive has been shut down and is stationary. The fitted and taut drive belt is tapped in order to make it oscillate with its natural oscillation. This static natural frequency is then measured by the probe with the aid of pulsed light. Care must be taken to ensure the light is sufficiently reflected by the belt. The measured values are displayed in Hertz [Hz].
Measuring the strand force [N], [lbf]
To calculate the strand force, the frequency, the belt mass and the belt length are entered into the microcomputer, which calculates the actual strand force. The force calculated is compared with the specified value defined when the drive was designed (see additional calculation sheet). The microcomputer calculates the strand force using the formula:

trummer equation 2


T = strand force in N
m = linear belt mass in kg/m
L = length of the free belt strand in m
f = natural frequency of the free belt measured in Hz.

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