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Condition Monitoring Equipment Sales

Portable Vibration Monitoring Instruments

Through our wide ranging distributor agreements we are able to cater for all levels of vibration monitoring instruments and data loggers, from entry level overall hand helds to full multi channel FFT analysers which are route enabled and can have static balancing incorporated. Stand alone balancing devices are also an option. The choice and capability of our vibration monitoring equipment has never been so good!




Enpac 2500

Entry Level Overall Levels Single / Dual Channel FFT and Route Enabled

Continuous Online Vibration Monitoring Instruments 

If you have a requirement to monitor vibration and other physical or process parameters on business critical plant equipment then continuous remote online condition monitoring is one solution. These devices are used for continuous remote monitoring or plant asset protection. Much like the portable ranges our online products are scaleable to meet any requirement.




Vibration Modules
Simple DIN mount modular vibration monitoring

Thermal Image Camera's

Today's technology provides the perfect building ground for innovative and cost effective infrared thermal imaging camera's than ever before. We are able to offer IR Camera's to meet almost any specification or application.

E_Series_Thumb i5/i7 Infrared Thermal Image Camera T360 Infrared Thermal Image Camera P65 Infrared Thermal Image Camera flirt1k

Ex Series

Exx Series

E Series

E4 E5 E6 E8

T400 Series

T500 Series

T600 Series T600 Series

P620 / P640 / P660

Building Variants

HD IR Camera

T1K & T1020

Laser Alignment Tools & Belt Tension Devices 

A full range of Laser Alignment Tools are available from simple user friendly devices to align Pulley / Sheaves to comprehensive Shaft Alignment Tools. Hazardous environments can also be catered for with full ATEX rated products.

D160 Pulley Alignment Tool

Laser Shaft Alignment Tool

Trummeter Belt Tension Tool

 Pulley Alignment Tools

Shaft Alignment Tools

Geometric Measurement Tools

Trummeter - Belt Tension Tool

Dedicated Balancing Devices

If you have a requirement to balance items of plant machinery, weather it be in-situ using manualy attached weights or dynamic / automatic where the machinery is balanced without having to stop, we have systems available to meet your requirements.

Active Ring Balancing System
Automatic / Active Ring Balancer

Sensors and Accelerometers

Condition Monitoring applications are wide ranging in their scope and requirements for sensors and accelerometers. We have a full range of products which encompass all manner of variants from connectivity and mountings, cabling and physical size or even submersible and ATEX rated.




AccelAtex AccelTest
General Purpose Accelerometers 4-20ma Accelerometers AC Industrial Accelerometers ATEX Accelerometers Accelerometer Testing and Simulation 


Any condition monitoring operative will know that there are some things which are perishable and some which are essential to carry out the task of data collection in a quality assured and repeatable fashion. That is why we offer a range of accessories to guarantee this is achieved.



HS-Studs SwitchBox-GRP
Data Collector Cables Mounting Studs & Magnets Switch Boxes

iLearn Interactive Training

Master vibration analysis and laser shaft alignment with these fully animated and interactive self paced training packages.


Motor Condition Monitoring

Motor Current Analysis is applicable to a very wide range of driven equipment, including pumps, fans, compressors, and conveyors, and is particularly valuable for equipment in inaccessible or hazardous environments.


Condition Monitoring Pod

Most oil level gauges are used only to confirm oil volume. Many root causes and symptoms of machine failure are missed due to the limited ability of these sight glasses. The Condition Monitoring Pod is a multi-parameter inspection pod that greatly modernises and expands the daily one-minute inspections. 


Extech Instruments / Video Borescopes

A low cost highly versatile wireless inspection camera available with extensions and built-in light and video / stills storage with the option to stream live video, or an HD VideoScope with wired or wireless articulating probes.



HDV640W Articulating HD VideoScope
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