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Seal of Approval from UK Coal

Seal of Approval from UK COAL
... for The ThermaCAM® E-Series Thermal Imaging Camera

When the time came to replace their aging stock of obsolete infrared cameras, UK COAL says that it sought the best available technology for the most reasonable cost, within the framework of its own stringent safety requirements.
In choosing the FLIR Systems ThermaCAM® E25 supplied by thermal imaging specialists, Proviso Systems of Doncaster, UK Coal state that all these criteria were met. Working in conjunction with Proviso, the E25 camera has been subjected to stringent
tests by several departments within UK COAL.

The company's experts in the fields of environmental health, safety, mechanical and electrical engineering, have all assessed its performance. As a result, the E-Series has now been passed fit for use in areas at risk from fire and spontaneous combustion under UK Coal's Manager's Acceptance Scheme. Following an assessment by health and safety consultants, HSEC, some minor modifications were requested to ensure that the infrared cameras supplied met their stringent safety requirements. These included FLIR engineering a lens locking mechanism to prevent its removal and Proviso developing a customised boot for the handle to protect the cameras' battery compartment.

UK Coal Thermacam

By following the 'Managers Guidelines' and when used in conjunction with a portable gas detector, the E25 camera has been approved for use underground. Although the purchase of the cameras is not a move into thermal imaging for UK COAL, it does represent a major step forward in image quality and portability. The acquisition of the E25s is part of the company continuous
improvement policy to equip its staff with the best equipment to ensure personnel and plant safety. Fitting into the palm of the hand, the ultra light ThermaCAM® E25 provides colliery staff with fast and easy infrared inspection. Very much like a heat sensitive video camera, the E25 allows the operator to detect the subtle temperature variations generated during the early
stages of a problem. From this information corrective action can be taken at the earliest opportunity.
Extensive trials of several cameras at UK COAL resulted in a shortlist of just two. Despite being at a similar price to its competitor, UK Coal say that they chose the FLIR ThermaCAM® E25 through its superior image and build quality. In its class, the ThermaCAM® E25 is the worlds lightest, portable infrared camera. Unlike others, the ThermaCAM® E25 is IP54 rated and highly robust. It comes with a choice of lens - 9 mm, 17 mm or 36 mm - not just one, so it can be equipped to suit the application. Composite video output is a standard feature. Capturing thermal images at a speed of 50 Hz the E25 is suitable for scanning moving targets. The focal plane array is 160 x 120 pixels, larger than its competitors, resulting in higher quality thermal images being displayed on the camera's large, 63.5 mm LCD display. Each camera has an ability to store up to 100 radiometric images before requiring downloading to a computer Thirteen ThermaCAM® E25 cameras have now been delivered to UK COAL and most are now out in the field.

Proviso Director, Mike Deakin, concludes, "The ThermaCAM® is already proving an invaluable tool for improving both safety and reliability across UK COAL sites. The camera has a great potential and wide application from both environmental and maintenance issues throughout mining and quarrying related industries."

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