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Migrating from Commtest Ascent to System 1 Evolution

Migrating from Commtest Ascent™ to System 1 Evolution™

Customers using Commtest Ascent™ for their condition monitoring software can now upgrade to System 1 Evolution without the need to see out their existing Software Support Agreement. GE is allowing customers under support arrangements to still access Ascent support and migrate to the new system when it suits them. Through years of strategic acquisitions, GE have developed two tried and tested tools: Commtest Ascent™ for plant wide routine condition monitoring and Bently Nevada System 1™ Classic for critical assets and turbomachinery. Both of these software platforms are now mature and with the explosion of network connectivity, smart devices and affordable online sensing GE is combining the very best of each platform to make System 1 Evolution.

There are two questions most Ascent users ask: “How much is it ?” and “Can I open my Ascent database in System 1 Evolution?”

How much is it?   LATEST

The price depends on whether your Ascent or System 1 Classic support agreement has lapsed. Ascent originally came with five years of support. Today GE provide an annual Software Support Agreement (SwSA) which ensures you are always provided access to the latest version. If your Ascent copy is over 5 years old you simply need to purchase a 5 year SwSA within 2017. Once the SwSA is in place, you will have entitlement to Ascent technical support again and be able to plan the transition to System 1 Evolution at any time you remain under your SwSA contract. If you are still within the initial Ascent 5-year support, you will need a new 3-year SwSA commitment to move to System 1 Evolution. If you would like a quote please contact us.

Can I open my Ascent database in System 1 Evolution?

From November 2017 with System 1 version 17.2 the first implemetation of a convertion tool will be released, additional functionality will follow.



Ascent users who would like a System 1 Evolution demonstration can Contact us via the website or call our office for help and advice. 


GE Launch The All New vbSeries Vibration & Balancer Data Collector Lineup
2018 see's the next generation of vibration data collector and imbalance correction units developed from the extremely successful vb7 platform. The all new vb5, vb6, vb8 & vb Balancer+ will continue on from the capable vb7 and offer unrivalled versatility and value to suit all Condition Monitoring applications and budgets. All vbSeries data collectors come with a 5 year warranty and lifetime upgrade support.

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