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Act Quickly!! - Ascent to System1 Migration

Limited Time Offer - Ascent to System1 Migration


As you may or may not be aware Commtest/GE Ascent (Vibration Analysis) Software is no longer available and support from the manufacturer will soon be discontinued.

There is however an opportunity to upgrade to the latest release of System 1 Software  and to benefit from an annual GOLD M&S Support Package which provides free software updates and annual technical support. It is possible to migrate your existing database into the new System 1 Software, at no additional cost.

The upgrade offers available depend on the level of Ascent software you currently have (Eg L1, L2, and Level 3 - with vbOnline's). The number of separate “Server” licences you may need and the date Ascent was purchased (ie within the last 5 years, or over 5 years ago). We now have a guide to pricing and would be happy to run through these with you on the phone if convenient.

Please note that the offers outlined will expire by the end of March 2018. 

We appreciate this timescale may be limited and that you may need to consider budgets. If of interest but you need more time, a letter / email of intent to review in 2018 will help to secure the offers for you (with no obligation) into 2018. If you have any questions, would like a formal quote on your system please let me know.  Your feedback would be most welcome.

NB Please note, for users with older instruments (eg Vb1000, Vb2000, Vb3000 ) there is an opportunity to trade in these units to receive a 20% discount on a replacement vbX/Scout Instrument.  Please note that this offer is only available for orders / formal commitment by the end of March 2018. If this is of interest please let us know.

Existing Ascent Level 1  User OfferSystem1Packages

Level 1 users are offered an opportunity to lease System 1 Fundamental Software (minimum term 3 years). This is a discounted offer and includes a Gold M&S Agreement for the term of the lease.

Existing Ascent Level 2 User Offer

Level 2 users are offered an opportunity to upgrade to System 1 Fundamental Software FOC by purchasing an annual M&S Agreement (minimum terms apply - contact us)

Existing Ascent Level 3  User Offer

Level 3 users are offered an opportunity to upgrade to System 1 Advanced + Software FOC by purchasing an annual M&S Agreement (minimum terms apply - contact us)

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