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Easy to Learn, Easy to Use, Easy to Own!

Easy-Laser® products offer precision alignment and measurement systems. Applications for shaft alignment and sheave/pulley alignment to geometrical measurements of virtually every kind.

All systems are easy to learn thanks to the intuitive operation and intelligent design.

All together this makes the Easy-Laser® systems easy to own.

Pulley / Belt Alignment Models


D130 EX

D150 Digital
D160 Digital
E180 Wireless


 Pulley Alignment Tools

Shaft Alignment Models


D550 Explosion Proof

E420 Entry Level Laser Shaft Alignment Tool

E530 Shaft Alignment System

E540 Simple and Efficient Shaft Alignment Tool

E710 Shaft Alignment System

E290 Digital Level

 Shaft Alignment Tools


Geometric Models



E980 Sawmill Alignment
E975 Roll Alignment
E970 Parallelism Measurement
E960 Turbine Alignment
E950 Bore Alignment
E940 Machine Tool Alignment
E930 Extruder Alignment
E920 Geometric Measurement
E915 Flange Spin Measurement
E910 Flange Measurement

 Geometric Alignment Tools

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