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D160 Digital Pulley Alignment with hand held display

The Easy-Laser® D160 belt & pulley laser alignment tool you can monitor every move you make on the hand-held display. With Easy-Laser® you eliminate the "guess work"; the D160 will display the angular and offset misalignment values allowing you to align to a specified tolerance.

You can connect the D160 to the Easy-Laser® D505 shaft alignment system; this will enable you to produce reports or printouts. Transfer your file into the FREE Easy-Link Software and keep records of your alignment results.


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Proviso Systems Ltd are pleased to announce a new partnership with Hofmann Balancing.
The Hofmann Balancing range comprises a number of Online solutions for the continuous monitoring and correction of an unbalance condition in industry and aerospace applications large or small. The Automatic Ring Balancer systems continually monitor vibration levels and phase angle then make balance weight corrections when preset high limits are reached, all this is done WITHOUT having to shutdown the machine.

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