Hofmann HydroBalancer HB 6000

Automatic (active) balancing of grinding wheels and grinding spindles or other rotors.

The compensation of the unbalance is made by using fluids (water, oil, coolant). A four-chamber ring container is integrated into the fixing flange. Magnitude and location of unbalance are determined by the balancing electronic and processed accordingly for control of the balancing operation. The fluid is supplied to the four injection nozzles of the four correction chambers. The quantity required is controlled via four solenoid valves. Compensates the rotor unbalance by controlled injection of liquid into the ring container using the component method.

The HB 6000 has a pre-balancing function. Whenever the initial unbalance of the grinding wheel is bigger than the maximum balance capacity of the ring container, the balancing electronic will only calculate the compensation mass and its position. The software of the HB 6000 allows determination of unbalance compensation, even under operational conditions.



The balancers have been designed to address the following:

1. Grinding wheel wear

2. Chatter caused by vibration

3. Machine Tool PLC interface

4. Reduced cycle times

5. Improved surface finish and dimensional accuracy

6. Extended wheel and spindle bearing life

7. Unbalance monitoring

8. Balancing during rotation without having to stop the machine

9. Balancing with the help of fluids, e.g. cooling lubricants of a grinding machine

10. High precision balancing through extremely fine fluid metering up to very high rotational speeds

11. Space-saving integration of the ring container in the machine spindle or rotor

12. Pre-balancing software for manual correction of basic unbalance; HB 6000 then only balances the new operational unbalances

13. Also suitable for retrofitting existing machines

14. Compatible replacement for Hofmann HK 5000 balancing systems incl. type BM sensors

15. Cost effective solution


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