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VIBRATION: iLearnVibration™

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iLearnVibration provides step by step training from the comfort of your workplace or home. iLearnVibration covers basic and intermediate-level vibration analysis training. You can start from the absolute basics and work through to more advanced topics. Complete with animations, interactive simulations, and quizzes, iLearnVibration makes vibration analysis easier to master.

iLearnVibration can be installed on a PC so that Internet access is not required, or it can be accessed via our "iLearn-online" Learning Portal so that installation is not required. Larger organizations can license our portal or iLearnVibration can be installed in your Learning Management System. Available in several languages: English, Spanish and Chinese.

iLearnVibration is for the person who needs an introduction to vibration analysis, condition monitoring, and maintenance practices. iLearnVibration takes you by the hand and teaches you the absolute basics. The training assumes you are very new to vibration analysis and need to understand why we measure vibration, how machine vibration relates to machine condition, what the difference is between the time waveform and spectrum, and much more. It also looks at the bigger picture; why predictive maintenance is important, how precision maintenance improves reliability (and reduces maintenance costs), and how condition monitoring technologies can be used to determine the health of your machine. 

Like all of Mobius Institute training, iLearnVibration utilizes our Crystal Clear™ training methodology that allows complex concepts to be more easily understood. Crystal Clear training provides students with a higher level of understanding of vibration analysis through its extensive use of hundreds of highly visual 3D animations, Adobe® Flash® technology simulations, and numerous software simulators. 

With iLearnVibration, you get more than just vibration analysis training content, it also includes:

Real machine data from real machines that have real fault conditions. With 25 machines you get to see time waveforms and spectra collected from the machines over a few years. You can see how the vibration patterns and trends changed, and observe what the vibration looks like before failure. The other 25 machines have "live data" - 30-second recordings of raw vibration from multiple points/axes on the machines. You can analyze the vibration with our software, or play it into your analyzer - yes, you can use an inexpensive cable between the computer speaker-output and your analyzer BNC input. 

A series of 30-second recordings from a fault demonstration rig. Again, you can analyze the data with the provided software, or play it into your analyzer. With a few clicks you can see data from when the rig had bad bearings installed, weights added to set it out of balance, bolts loosened so there is looseness, and more. 

The Signals Module, where you can interactively build signals with different frequencies, amplitudes and phase differences. You can explore modulation, beatings and other phenomena. And you can experiment with windowing, averaging and resolution. 

And finally, the Machine Faults" module, where you can drag and drop machine icons on to the work area, enter a few details (running speed, number of fan blades, and so on), and view simulated vibration data and the forcing frequencies. Apart from being very informative, this program can help you to ensure that your alarms, analyzer settings, and forcing frequencies are set correctly in your database.

The key to successful vibration analysis is knowledge and experience, and iLearnVibration can provide both. But one training session is not enough. You need on-going training, and you need quick access to a good reference. The majority of our customers use the training module over and over again, often referring to the system once per week, or even more frequently.

Vibration analysis is a very effective method for detecting machine faults and diagnosing the nature and severity of the fault ¯ but there sure is a lot to know. From where to place the sensor to what "sidebands" mean, there are hundreds of special terms, techniques and concepts to understand. Fortunately, our product covers the topics you need, and it presents the material in a very effective manner. 

With iLearnVibration you don't have to read a thing. Just sit back and watch while the training system moves from slide to slide, reading the material to you. Throughout the material there are 3D animations, and excellent simulation/demonstrator programs that make the information very easy to understand (and more interesting to learn).

Our training will help you improve your measurement, analysis and diagnostic skills.

See our demonstration (requires Adobe Flash)


iLearnVibration is licensed on a per-person basis. Only one person may access an account. If additional people require training, then additional accounts must be purchased.


The training system can delivered in several ways. It can be installed on your computer or accessed via the Internet. The training system is easy to install, may be used in cases where Internet access is unavailable, and provides fast access to the content. Additional licenses can be purchased and accessed via a single computer or via separate computers. The training system is shipped on CD and the security dongle we provide must be installed on the computer to run the system.


For a single user with Internet access, we provide a user account on our Training Management System. Accounts may be purchased for varying lengths of time. For registrants in our Public Classroom and On-site Courses, we provide this access at no extra charge to use from the time of registration until 6 months after the course is completed.

iLearn-online Learning Portal

We can establish a specific portal for your organization to ensure a high level of security for your network. A special domain will be created for you, e.g. The portal can hold numerous accounts, and managers can track user's progress and quiz scores. Pricing can be established in two ways:

1. We can pre-define a select number of user accounts. Additional user accounts can be purchased.

2. You can create new accounts as required, and we will invoice you each quarter based on the number of new accounts created.

Learning Management System

In some corporate networks, exterior access to the Internet is unavailable. In these cases we add iLearnVibration content to your Learning Management System. We offer pricing plans for a number of users, or for open systems, where we invoice each quarter based on the number of new users. 

System Requirements

Online and iLearn-online Learning Portal

Internet Explorer, Fire Fox and Safari are supported. Java must be enabled and Flash must be installed.


iLearnVibration requires a computer with a CD drive, a sound card and speakers, and a resolution of 1024x768 or better.

Learning Management System

The iLearnVibration lessons and quiz questions are SCORM and AICC compliant.

What next?

iLearnVibration provides excellent training. Thousands of people in 90 countries have benefitted from iLearnVibration - it is your turn now. Knowledge converts confusion into clarity and confidence.

You can subscribe to iLearnVibration here and order the CBT version here. If you are interested in having your own portal, or simply want additional licenses, please contact your local Mobius Institute reseller or email to Mobius Institute here for a custom proposal.

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