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Seismic Monitoring Service

The potential for nuisance due to vibration caused by the use of explosives, mining/quarrying, heavy construction activity, demolition and seismic exploration has always been a cause for concern to both the public and Local Authorities.

We are able to carry out vibration assessments to ensure acceptable levels at existing or proposed vibration sensitive sites from all types of sources. We undertake all types of vibration work and are able to undertake frequency analysis and detailed investigations utilising multiple monitoring systems.

We are now providing the following services:

Mines & Quarries

  1. Measurement and assessment of ground-borne vibration and air overpressure from blasting
  2. Measurement and assessment of vibration from HGV traffic and railway movements
  3. Determination of maximum charge weights to keep to any vibration restrictions at nearby sensitive properties
  4. Determination of minimum safe working distances
  5. Independent expert opinion for discussions with Local Authorities, Highway Authorities, landowners, mineral operators, etc
  6. Developments may be undertaken in sensitive areas whilst complying with planning restrictions on maximum permitted vibration levels
  7. Audit of blasting operations
  8. Research projects

Construction Sites

  1. Prediction of ground-borne vibration and air overpressure from demolition projects
  2. Building condition surveys
  3. Measurement and assessment of ground-borne vibration and air overpressure
  4. Specialist advice on environmental effects of ground engineering techniques
  5. Advice on risk minimisation and protection of structures
  6. Damage and nuisance claim investigation
  7. Risk analysis

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