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ITC - Level 1 Thermography Course ISO18436 PCNITC_logo

ITC offers certification training to recognised standards and is an accredited Authorised Training Organisation (ATO) for the British Institute of Non Destructive Testing (BINDT) as per the requirements of ISO 18436. BINDT is an accredited certification body offering personnel certification against criteria set out in International and European standards. This course prepares you for qualification as a category 1 certified thermographer. You will learn about the basics of infrared, how to operate the camera under different conditions and for various purposes, how to do an appropriate judgement of the measurement situation in the field and identify potential error sources. You will be able to do IR inspections following written guidelines and to report the result of this inspection.

Introduction to Thermography:

History; benchmarks; applications including electrical,Mechanical, Building, Medical and R&D. Camera technology overview from older scanning systems to modern day FPA's.Explanation of camera operation and how the cameraconverts radiation into an image.

Heat & Temperature:

Heat and measurement; contact v non-contact temperature measurement. How radiation is converted into temperatureand an introduction to heat transfer.

Infrared Theory Basics:

Scientific Laws relating to : conduction, convection, radiation, blackbodies, Transmission Emissivity, Reflectivity &Calibration. Practical demonstration of these heat transfer modes with follow up theory.

Measurement Techniques:

Atmospheric & Environmental considerations including Distance, humidity, air temp and Reflected Apparent Temperature. How to measure them and setup the camera correctly.

Basic Heat transfer theory:

Temperature definition and measurement, thermodynamics, heat and temperature, heat transfer, conduction, convectionand radiation.

Camera Measurement tools:

A look at cross hair measurement, Area box/ circle, colour alarms and specific dew point and insulation alarms.

Camera/Software familiarisation:

Hands-on camera experience throughout the course. Camera practice using portable simulated labs; integration of images with Reporting software; creation of reports.

ITC Certification Test:

ITC qualification (50 question multiple choice test) to be heldon last day of course.

BINDT Certification Exam optional:

ISO18436 PCN CMGEN APPB 60 questions Multiple choice.

Recommended Reading

Principles and Practice Volume one Thermography ISBN 0903132338.

Applications Volume Two Thermography ISBN 090313232x.

To find out the next available dates this course will be run and to book your place please contact us as soon as possible.

ITC Category 1 course dates for UK and Ireland
Part Number : ITC-CER-5101, Price £1380+VAT (1725€)
Part Number : ITC-CER-5101, Premium Package £1600+VAT (€2000)
Includes, 12 months ITC online training, ITC Inframation conference
proceedings and a FLIR TG165.

Remaining 2016 dates
3rd to 6th Oct ITC Category 1 Thermography Aberdeen
17th to 20th Oct ITC Category 1 Thermography Manchester
7th to 10th Nov ITC Category 1 Thermography Fareham
21st to 24th Nov ITC Category 1 Thermography Stockton on Tees
5th to 8th Dec ITC Category 1 Thermography Kent

2017 to June
9th to 12th Jan ITC Category 1 Thermography Kent
30th Jan to 2nd Feb ITC Category 1 Thermography Nottingham
20th to 23rd Feb ITC Category 1 Thermography Maynooth Ireland
20th to 23rd Feb ITC Category 1 Thermography Lymm Cheshire
13th to 16th March ITC Category 1 Thermography Cardiff
27th to 30th March ITC Category 1 Thermography Stockton on Tees
3rd to 6th April ITC Category 1 Thermography Shrewsbury
24th to 27th April ITC Category 1 Thermography Fareham
22nd to 25th May ITC Category 1 Thermography Nottingham
5th to 8th June ITC Category 1 Thermography Lymm Cheshire
26th to 29th June ITC Category 1 Thermography Cardiff

In order to get the maximum benefit from ITC courses students find it beneficial to
work with their own camera. You must where possible bring your IR camera and
laptop to the course.


Must Read Guidebooks

Booklet: Thermal imaging guidebook for industrial applications

Numerous industries worldwide have discovered the advantage of incorporating infrared cameras in their industrial processes and programs. This booklet is an in-depth guide for these industrial applications.

Booklet: Thermal imaging guidebook for building applications

Thermal imaging cameras are powerful and non invasive tools for monitoring and diagnosing the condition of buildings. Energy losses, missing insulations, air leaks, moisture and many other building related problems become immediately and clearly visible on a thermal image.

Booklet: Thermal imaging guidebook for automation applications

Automated IR (infrared) radiation imaging offers the potential for improving a host of industrial production applications, including process monitoring and control, quality assurance, asset management, and machine condition monitoring.

Booklet: Thermal imaging guidebook for gas detection applications

Infrared cameras can also play a major role in helping to decrease environmental damage. They are successfully used for detecting insufficient insulation in buildings, identified as one of the highest opportunity areas for decreasing the greenhouse effect, as well as detecting environmentally dangerous gas leaks.

Booklet: Thermal imaging guidebook for R&D Professionals

Although infrared radiation (IR) is not detectable by the human eye, an IR camera can convert it to a visual image that depicts thermal variations across an object or scene.

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