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Electrical Inspection and Testing

Inspection and testing of fixed electrical installations in domestic, commercial and industrial premises.
The Electricity at Work Regulations apply to almost all workplaces and require specific precautions to be taken against the risk of death or personal injury from electricity in work activities. One such precaution is the regular inspection and testing of fixed electrical installations. It is the responsibility of all employers, landlords, and property owners to carry out structured inspection and testing of fixed electrical installations and to retain formal records of inspection and test results. These records may be requested by The Health and Safety Executive, or Insurance Companies in the event of an incident or claim.

The safety of electrical systems in the workplace is not only essential to protect employees, it is also a legal requirement under the Health & Safety Legislation - The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, and failure to comply could result in both civil and criminal proceedings in the event of an incident.

Periodic Inspection and Test Certification
The regulations require that an inspection and test of electrical systems is carried out periodically and the results recorded on a formal Periodic Inspection and Test Certificate. "Systems" means the wiring of an installation and anything connected to it. The frequency of inspection and test depends on the type of premises and their use. Typically commercial premises should be checked at 5 yearly intervals, unless there is change of use or ownership. We would be pleased to advise you on your specific situation.


Proviso Systems Ltd Electrical Services
At Proviso Systems Ltd. we understand the complex implications of the regulations and legislation regarding all electrical installations. We can arrange for one of our Test engineers to carry out thorough safety inspection and testing of your electrical installation. All necessary documentation will be completed and a Periodic Inspection Report issued. Advice will be given regarding any areas that may require attention.

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