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Maintenance Assessment

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Maintenance Assessment - Maintenance Re-Assessment

Providing Quality - Proviso Systems provide clients with a personal service of practical assistance and advice to help them meet the increasing demands placed upon commercial, industrial and manufacturing organisations.
We are committed to providing a top quality, personal service designed to meet the individual needs of each customer, to improve, develop and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of resources, assets, systems, finances and expertise.
The company aims to provide individual solutions through the innovative use of resources and selection of appropriate technologies.

Listed below are some of the services available:

  • Criticality audits - select equipment by highest priority, evaluate risk and appropriate task to eliminate or reduce potential failure.
  • Reliability centred maintenance, maintenance designed around your business.
  • Failure modes, effects and critical analysis, risk based maintenance assessment.
  • Condition monitoring, correct selection and implementation of cost effective monitoring solutions.
  • Predictive maintenance - how to advance condition based maintenance.
  • Developing effective working teams Area care, continuous improvement.

Equipment Criticality Analysis - The Process

  • Firstly select the group of assets requiring assessment
  • Then select the appropriate categories to be used
  • These can include output, quality, safety, MTBF, repair costs and repair time
  • Take each asset through the process and score
  • High scoring assets - High criticality - High focus
  • High focus utilises the RCM approach to define the appropriate requirements for individual assets

Food Industry - The Criticality Audit allows high priority equipment to be identified and to receive the highest level of focus and increased maintenance interventions.

Glass Industry - The Criticality Audit on the continuous processes allowed a different level of condition based, predictive maintenance to be introduced.

Brewing Industry - The Criticality Audit of over 1500 assets allowed an effective maintenance program to be established and a run to failure principal introduced for low priority equipment.

Medical Industry - The Criticality Audit allow equipment priorities to be understood on service equipment and what the response times would be from external support.

Confectionary Industry - The Criticality Audit on the drying processes allow high risk failures to be identified as part of a FMECA study.

Insurance Industry - The Criticality Audit on 1000 assets for a world wide industry allowed frequency of testing support and back equipment to be understood and maintenance requirements to be reassessed.

Maintenance Assessment - The Benefits 

Reduce the risk of serious failures on highly critical assets

Reduce costs by:

  • Reduced labour requirement as 'low criticality' assets require less attention
  • Reduced usage of parts through unnecessary maintenance
  • Reduced planned maintenance stoppages attributed to unnecessary maintenance
  • Higher productivity due to 'critical assets' improved reliability


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Proviso Systems Ltd are pleased to announce a new partnership with Hofmann Balancing.
The Hofmann Balancing range comprises a number of Online solutions for the continuous monitoring and correction of an unbalance condition in industry and aerospace applications large or small. The Automatic Ring Balancer systems continually monitor vibration levels and phase angle then make balance weight corrections when preset high limits are reached, all this is done WITHOUT having to shutdown the machine.

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