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Equipment Criticality Analysis

Equipment Criticality Analysis

Equipment Criticality Analysis / Audit
A Proviso Systems Equipment Criticality Analysis audit is the optimum method of highlighting potential failures within a production system, identifying the potential hazards associated with these failures and classifying them according to priority.
The process involves: selecting the assets requiring analysis; selecting the categories to be used ie. output, safety, repair time etc; putting each asset through the analysis process and reaching an appropriate score.
By using the Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) approach, the appropriate maintenance requirements for individual assets can be defined.


Maintenance Assessment

The Benefits

  • Reduce the risk of serious failures on high criticality assets
  • Reduced costs by Reduced labour requirement as 'low criticality' assets require less attention
  • Reduced usage of parts through unnecessary maintenance
  • Reduced planned maintenance stoppages attributed to unnecessary maintenance
  • High productivity due to 'critical assets' improved reliability

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GE Launch The All New vbSeries Vibration & Balancer Data Collector Lineup
2018 see's the next generation of vibration data collector and imbalance correction units developed from the extremely successful vb7 platform. The all new vb5, vb6, vb8 & vb Balancer+ will continue on from the capable vb7 and offer unrivalled versatility and value to suit all Condition Monitoring applications and budgets. All vbSeries data collectors come with a 5 year warranty and lifetime upgrade support.

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