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Predictive Maintenance & Condition Monitoring Services Utilising The Latest Technology  

Vibration Analysis

We're the recognised leader in the condition monitoring services field; and we'll help you harness it's potential. One powerful technology for detecting and solving problems like Imbalance, Misalignment, Gear & Bearing Defects, Rotor Rubs, Pump Cavitation, Mechanical Looseness, and many more is vibration monitoring and analysis. Take advantage of our leading edge technology and expertise and contact us today. 
Heat, or lack of it, is a highly accurate indicator of many emerging electrical problems - including Electrical Component Fatigue, Mechanical Rubs and Friction, Roof moisture and heat/Coolant Loss. Call us prior to your next planned downtime to arrange a thermal imaging survey tailored to your needs.
Sometimes you need the synergy of on-site fluid monitoring and sophisticated lab analysis to achieve cost-cutting results. We can help you save money not just by improving machine life and availability, but by improving your lube procurement and material handling procedures.
The potential for nuisance due to vibration caused by the use of explosives, mining/quarrying, heavy construction activity, demolition and seismic exploration has always been a cause for concern to both the public and Local Authorities. We are able to carry out vibration assessments to ensure acceptable levels at existing or proposed vibration sensitive sites from all types of sources.
CM2 Unit
The Ultraprobe senses high frequency sounds produced by operating equipment, leaks and electrical discharges. It electronically translates these signals by heterodyning them down into the audible range so that a user can hear these sounds through a headset and see them as intensity increments on the meter. This data can be easily converted to pounds and pence wasted feeding your leaks.
Ultrasonic Leak Detection
We'll help you pinpoint rotor related faults (Rotor bar Cracks, Eccentricities, Shorts-to-Ground, etc.), without requiring machinery shutdowns.
mcm main
The Electricity at Work Regulations apply to almost all workplaces and require specific precautions to be taken against the risk of death or personal injury from electricity in work activities. One such precaution is the regular inspection and testing of fixed electrical installations. It is the responsibility of all employers, landlords, and property owners to carry out structured inspection and testing of fixed electrical installations and to retain formal records of inspection and test results. 
Routine monitoring keeps machines running at a high level of operational efficiency.
Flow - Pressure - Temperature - Peak Pressure.
proviso hydraulic service
Equipment Repair and Calibration
Regardless of whether you purchased your vibration monitoring or thermal imaging equipment from us or not, we offer a repair and calibration service which we usually turn round in just a few days. Contact us today for a no obligation quotation.
proviso camera calibration

In-Situ Fan Balancing Service

Along with misalignment, unbalance causes more premature and catastrophic failures in rotating machinery than any other fault.

We are able to balance all sizes of fans in-situ without the need to remove them from their locations using our state of the art portable vibration data collectors with built-in balancing programs

In-Situ Balancing 

Laser Alignment Service

Precise laser coupling alignment is used to reduce bearing and seal damage,vibrations, minimise energy loss, and reduce production downtime. Performing coupling alignment on a scheduled basis will make machinery last longer and perform more efficiently.
Laser Alignment Service

Hand Arm Vibration Monitoring Service - HAVS

HAVS is serious and disabling, and nearly 2 million people are at risk. Damage from HAVS can include the inability to do fine work and cold can trigger painful finger blanching attacks. Hand arm vibration can be a significant health risk wherever powered hand tools are used for significant lengths of time.
Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome - HAVS


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