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Equipment Criticality Analysis

Equipment Criticality Analysis

Equipment Criticality Analysis / Audit
A Proviso Systems Equipment Criticality Analysis audit is the optimum method of highlighting potential failures within a production system, identifying the potential hazards associated with these failures and classifying them according to priority.
The process involves: selecting the assets requiring analysis; selecting the categories to be used ie. output, safety, repair time etc; putting each asset through the analysis process and reaching an appropriate score.
By using the Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) approach, the appropriate maintenance requirements for individual assets can be defined.


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Reliability Centred Maintenance

Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)

Asset Condition Assessment and Restoration
The principal objective of an Asset Assessment and Restoration programme is to bring equipment economically back to condition, with minimum disruption. During implementation, equipment is assessed and critical differences analysed. A structured process for restoring it to it's operating optimum condition is then instituted and an action plan for restoration to design condition compiled.

Reliability Centered Maintenance
The fundamental principal of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is to avoid or mitigate the consequences of failure. RCM is based on determining the balance between corrective and preventative maintenance to ensure that the equipment fulfils its intended function in its operating context. This method allows the consequences of each failure mode to be evaluated in its operating context and provides decision logic to decide on the most appropriate maintenance technique.

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Maintenance Assessment

Are you seeing the whole picture?
Maintenance Assessment - Maintenance Re-Assessment

Providing Quality - Proviso Systems provide clients with a personal service of practical assistance and advice to help them meet the increasing demands placed upon commercial, industrial and manufacturing organisations.
We are committed to providing a top quality, personal service designed to meet the individual needs of each customer, to improve, develop and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of resources, assets, systems, finances and expertise.
The company aims to provide individual solutions through the innovative use of resources and selection of appropriate technologies.

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Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring Services

Our multi-technology Condition Monitoring Services programmes may include some or all of the following methods, which then enables a comprehensive Maintenance Strategy and Schedule of Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) to be implemented:


vibration_analystAs a recognised leader in the field of condition monitoring service techniques, we utilise vibration analysis in a wide variety of rotating machinery applications. Potential problems such as imbalance, looseness, instability of mountings, gearbox and bearing deterioration, misalignment of couplings, and lubrication deficiency can all be easily detected. Early identification of these machine conditions reduces the chances of secondary component damage, improves reliability and therefore maintains efficiency.


Oil Lab

Our on-site fluid sampling and advanced lab analysis enable us to monitor oil condition and contamination in addition to identifying abnormal machine wear and debris levels. Lubrication programmes can then be introduced, which will improve machine life and help save you money.




Motor Thermal Image

Thermal imaging has proved to be a critical element of the condition monitoring process. We utilise the latest in thermal imaging technology to provide a highly accurate indicator of emerging problems.
Electrical surveys, are used to identify high resistance joints, overloading and localised heating.
Mechanical surveys help to uncover component deterioration, friction, misalignment and temperature dependant process disorders,
Building surveys show heat loss through inadequate insulation across the building envelope and assist in the location of leaks.

Integrated Maintenance Solutions

Integrated Maintenance Solutions

Proviso Systems was established some 15 years ago to help industry change the way it performs maintenance by introducing innovative approaches to condition monitoring.
The company has grown rapidly and the advanced techniques within the 'Proviso Healthcheck' are now widely recognised as the way forward, ensuring as they do, a range of on-site diagnostic procedures, leading to early detection of wear and tear.
Our specialist engineers have a wealth of industrial experience which, when combined with the very latest monitoring technology, provides integrated maintenance solutions to most maintenance problems. These include Criticality Audits, Risk Based and Reliability Centred Maintenance Assessments, Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance.
It is no coincidence that Proviso is now one of the premier service organisations in the UK, with a customer list that boasts many leading names in the food, manufacturing, brewing, mining and quarrying, aerospace, automotive, processing and general engineering markets.
From oil sampling, vibration measurement and analysis, through thermal surveying to hydraulic testing, Proviso Systems offers innovative integrated maintenance solutions and management programmes guaranteed to improve plant and equipment efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and prevent breakdowns.

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