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Rotor Kit Demonstrator VT-100


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Proviso Test Rig
The Proviso Test Rig demonstrates most rotating machine faults.
The VT-100 demonstration rotor rig has been designed to simulate vibration of rotating machines and to demonstrate machine condition monitoring methods. It can be used for factory acceptance tests of monitoring and diagnostic systems too. Its good portability is excellent for in-field training purposes.
Using the set the vibration characteristics of rotating machines with antifriction bearings can be demonstrated. Different methods of balancing can be demonstrated and trained.
It is also possible to simulate unbalanced rotors, coupling misalignment, ball bearing faults, looseness and other typical machine faults, whilst allowing the user to demonstrate the capabilities of modern monitoring instrumentation to collect and analyze vibration measurements.
The demonstrator contains two identical rotors with ball bearings. The first rotor is driven by an AC electric motor with a flexible coupling. The second rotor is driven using a belt to provide variable speeds. An axial bearing is coupled to the second rotor to allow bearing fault simulation.

  • Angle scale on the rotor. Using angle scales allows easy demonstration of balancing with a strobe light. The profile of the rotors are prepared for installation of balancing weights.
  • Ball bearing faults detection. An axial ball bearing is coupled to the second shaft. Bearing housing allows adjust the bearing load. The axial bearing can be dismantled and different faults can be simulated.
  • Different speeds of both shafts allow demonstration of frequency analysis methods. Very useful is demonstration of strobe light capability, especially for belt drive faults.
  • The motor is equipped with a flexible coupling. It is possible to demonstrate not only vibration generated by a misaligned coupling, but also vibration excited by electromagnetic forces.

The VT-100 is delivered complete with a portable hard carry case, power cable, belt, adjusting tools, and balancing plastic.
Specification 230V 50 Hz 140W, 2730 rpm 1P20
Dimensions 460x 307 x 120 mm,
Weight 7,5 kg (8 kg with case) 

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