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Machine Tool Balancers
Hofmann MecBalancer MB 4002


Hofmann MB 4002

The balancers have been designed to address the following:

  1. Grinding wheel wear
  2. Chatter caused by vibration
  3. Machine Tool PLC interface
  4. Reduced cycle times
  5. Improved surface finish and dimensional accuracy
  6. Extended wheel, and spindle bearing life
  7. Balancers for Low-Speed Grinders

Our balancing system for low-speed, high-precision grinders is comprised of four parts: balancing head, tranmitter, sensor and controller. The balancing head is mounted permanently onto the wheel hub and sensors continuously monitor vibration levels while running. When an increase in vibration is detected above a pre-determined level, the controller sends an advisory message to the operator and the machines PLC, either of which can instruct the balancer to make an automatic balance correction.

The MecBalancer Principle

The compensation of the unbalance is made by two balancing weights. A very rugged electromechanical balancing head is mounted on the flange or directly integrated into the spindle. The balancing weights are positioned with the spread angle method by use of two positioning motors.


The Non-Con Transmitter

The Non-Con transmitter consists of a stationary primary coil and a rotating secondary coil, which allows power and data to transfer across an air gap between the two coils (energy transfer distance up to 5 mm). The transmitter also works on oscillating or reciprocating spindles, and will operate at speeds up to 5,000 RPM for external heads and 15,000 RPM for internal heads.

The MB 4002 Controller

The controller continuously monitors vibration levels. The Magnitude and location of unbalance are determined by the balancing electronic and processed accordingly for the control of the balancing operation. When a change occurs which exceed a preset level, the controller determines the optimum balance correction required.
The controller send an advisory message to the operator and the machines PLC (via either PLC I/O either of which can instruct the balancer to make an automatic balance correction.

The MB 4002 has a pre-balancing function. Whenever the initial unbalance of the rotor is bigger than the maximum balance capacity of the balancing head, the balancing electronic will only calculate the compensation mass and its position. The MB 4002 allows determination of unbalance compensation, even under operational conditions.

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