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Automatic / Active Ring Balancing Systems

Hofmann AB9000
Automatic (Active) ring balancing systems are designed to correct unbalance in rotating machinery while they are operating. unlike traditional "off-line" balancing techniques, which require the rotating asset to be stopped and often disassembled while corrections are made, Hofmann balancers monitor rotating imbalance and provide real start-up and shut-down cycles. These permanently installed balancers are proven to reduce maintenance cost and improve performance.

The balancer is installed permanently onto the rotating shaft; sensors continuously monitor the vibration levels while running. When an increase in vibration is detected above a pre-determined level, the controller initiates an advisory message as to the change in state of the unbalance. It then instructs the balancer to make an automatic balance correction, See how they work.

The balancing systems provide the ability to continuously monitor the state of balance of the rotating system. Rather than "covering up/masking," a balance problem, the balancing system continuously reports the state of the system's unbalance, thus providing diagnostic information used to predict system health and optimise service outages.

These balancers have been applied to fans, pumps, turbines, generators, compressors, grinders, lathes, spindles, centrifuges, drive shafts and aircraft propellers.




Markets served & products available:

These Autobalancers are suitable for :-

Process Industry / fan applications

  • Cement production industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Steel industry
  • Chipboard industry

Manufacturing machines / CNC

  • Grinding- and Milling-Applications

Centrifuge Industry

  • Medical Applications
  • Process Applications

and many others...

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